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Bread Roll Recipe, to roll through this lockdown.

I’m going to be dead honest. I am not handling this coved-19, lockdown bullshit well. I have been an anxious wreck, and have had more than one, not so little breakdowns. A small comfort in all this is, is that I know that I’m not alone. No matter what productive Peggy with her Polly Anna on steroids personality keep posting on Instagram. I am not alone feeling less than fabulous during this time.

The finish product, incredible rolls.

Between the idea of a kak flu that can kill my loved ones or me, and staring down a cancelled season. I feel that its perfectly ok to feel less than fabulous. No matter what this Covid shit has put you in. It’s ok to not feel on top of the world, to not learn seven languages, and master the bagpipes during lockdown. Just look after you, and your loved ones the best you can. Even if that means everyday is pj day.

In fact for the sake of your neighbours sanity, please don’t try master the bagpipes.

Now the way I’ve been making myself feel better is cooking. Absolutely everything, and eating it all! Guilt free. Because its lockdown, fuck diets.

The posts that have gotten the most responses are the ones about bread. Am I popping out to the store just to get rolls? I’m incredibly anxious, so absolutely not. One of great things about having worked in the middle of no where is I have been taught incredible, simple bread recipes. This one I adapted from a combination of them, added steam to the oven, dusted the result with flour and boom baby I had Portuguese Rolls! Or Pao.

After flattening the pieces of dough, bring edges into the center to form a ball.

That being said, this recipe can be used to make a loaf of bread, or any kind of roll you wish. You can leave out the steam for a soft roll. If you choose to do this, I do recommend brushing the rolls (or loaf) with an egg wash to get it all gorgeous and golden. I feel that I don’t need to say this but I will, your cooking time will change for a loaf to about 30 minutes depending on size.

Using the side of your hand, and a circular motion. Roll and shape the roll.

This is a super simple recipe. Anyone can do it. I really mean that. The only thing is the steam in the oven. There are two methods to do this at home. The first is a spray gun, the kind that you use on plants. As you put the rolls in, give the oven seven to ten sprays as quick as you can. Then close the door to trap the steam, and heat inside.

Shaped rolls ready to proof.

The second method is, as you turn the oven on to heat, place a roasting tray or sheet pan at the bottom of the oven. As you put the rolls in the oven pour about a quarter of a cup of boiling water into the heated tray, and close the door quickly to trap the steam.

Why is the steam so important? It’s what makes the rolls all crusty and fabulous.

So, without further chit chat, here’s the recipe! When you make and fall in love with them, don’t forget to tag me in photos of your creations.

Stay home! Stay safe!

Wishing only the best to you and yours, love

The Gourmet Hippo

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